Futureway is a private material enterprise founded in 2010 by several experts from world's top 500 material companies. The company is committed to breaking through the technical and application barriers in the field of high-tech materials, focusing on the building and application development of the technology platform of fluoropolymers and silicone materials.

With the unremitting efforts of all colleagues in the company, Futureway has successfully entered the new energy vehicle, rail transit, aerospace and big data markets, and achieved the first domestic market share in the following subdivision applications of these markets.

1. New energy vehicle battery pack sealing application;
2. The application of electrical sealing for rail transit traction system;
3. The application of military aviation wrapped cable transmission media;

4. Big data acquisition, storage, transmission medium and material application

We are proud of the achievements we have made, but we are not complacent. We have a long-term, clear and firm vision—Dedicated to be a material expert for customers. At present, on the basis of serving the domestic market well, the company has gradually entered the overseas market according to the company's strategy. At the same time, as a technology-driven enterprise, we are also continuously consolidating our technology platform, constantly developing new products and new applications, and entering new markets to ensure that the company continues to grow healthily and rapidly.

We firmly believe that only by making use of the company's material technology, can we make our customers more successful, our colleagues happier and the society more prosperous, can Futureway gain long-term driving force and vitality. Achieving great goals requires great teams, and achieving progress in basic materials technology requires determination and patience.

Company Culture

Vision: Dedicated to be a material expert for customers.

Mission: Focus on the field of materials, provide products and services with excellent performance and stable quality, and continuously create the maximum value for customers, employees and society.

Development History
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