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Whether supplying power to satellites or transmitting key data to aircrafts and spacecraft, the severe working environment poses a huge challenge to the insulation materials of cables: Operating temperature range from -200℃ to + 200℃; curved wiring in narrow space; erosion by dust, oil and radiation;frequent friction caused by impact vibration. With innovative materials and advanced manufacturing processes,Futureway can provide cable manufacturers with a variety of PTFE insulation materials to ensure that the cable can work without failure even in harsh environments. The cables made by Futureway´PTFE products have low loss, fast speed, and can ensure power supply and signal transmission continuously. Our products have been proven on a variety of aircrafts and communication equipment for a long time.
High Temperature Resistance Aviation Installation Cable

Aviation installation wire provides power for all parts of the aircraft. Its working environment is harsh, and it will be exposed to flame and high temperature under some conditions. Therefore, many strict requirements are put forward for the insulating layer of the wrapped conductor:

·  Refractory

·  Extremely low to high operating temperature range

·  Lightweight but resistant to bending, wear and cutting

·  Long-term and effective maintenance of cable transmission performance

As a leading manufacturer of fluoroplastics products in China, Futureway has advanced material manufacturing technology and strict quality management system. We have launched a number of full density PTFE films, with stable geometric dimensions, highly uniform mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. The unique excellent performance and consistent stable quality make it one of the preferred solutions for insulation materials for aviation installation cables, and has been widely praised in the market.

Data Communication Cable

Communication system is the most important part of aircraft, which ensures the successful implementation of the aerospace mission. The signal cable connecting all parts of the communication system has a direct impact on the quality and speed of data transmission.High quality signal cable should not only be light-weight, low-power, soft and easy to install, but also help to reduce time delay and electromagnetic interference. The selection of materials for the insulation layer of aviation signal cables is extremely strict.

Futureway provides the solution of ePTFE for aviation signal cable. ePTFE has excellent dielectric properties and can provide excellent signal control for cables, especially for applications that require strict control of impedance and phase. Low voltage differential signal line (LVDS) and low loss coaxial cable, which are made by using Futureway ePTFE wrapping tape, have been widely used in fighter, satellite, radar and other aviation equipment.

Aviation Cable Bandage

Aviation cables usually integrate multiple cores together to reduce weight and installation difficulty. However, the vibration of aircraft often leads to high-speed and frequent friction between the core insulation layers. In order to minimize wear and extend cable life, one or more inner jackets are essential. Futureway´s ePTFE bandages have a variety of characteristics to meet customer needs:

·  Low friction coefficient, effectively reduce internal cable wear

·  Wide operating temperature range

·  Resistance to dust, oil, moisture and chemicals

·  High flexibility, suitable for installation in small spaces

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