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Public transport connects people all over the world. With the increasing demand for metro, light rail and high-speed rail (such as China's high-speed rail system, HS2 and France's TGV), railway transport has developed into one of the most important and busiest modes, especially in densely populated areas. Futureway promotes the rapid development of global rail transit with the latest materials. No matter standard train, automatic train, double deck train or sleeper train, we will provide you with the most professional materials and application solutions.

Under the background of rapid development of railway train technology, interior products, as an important part of the train, should not only meet the safety requirements in high-speed train operation, but also ensure passengers comfort, durability, environmental protection and lightweight. As the basis of interiors, excellent materials will make interior decoration perform better. FUTUREWAY®RTL series is a high-performance elastomer material developed in full combination with the special requirements of rail transit industry, which has excellent resilience and durability and meets the fire protection requirements of rail transit industry, such as EN 45545-2 、BS 6853、DIN 5510-2、ASTM E162\E662、NFF 16-101. Futureway can customize and process LCD gaskets, HVAC insulation foams, HVAC gaskets, floor cushions, seat filling foams, compartment interlayer heat insulation pads and other components for rail transit interiors, realizing the integrated supply mode from material production to parts processing.

Traction System

Rail transit has large passenger capacity and short operation interval. It is very important to ensure the reliable traction and braking of the train. The traction system is the most important part of the vehicle and must have high reliability. The structural design of traction system is very complicated and the working environment is harsh, so the selection of materials is very strict. FUTUREWAY®SR series combines the complex working environment of traction systems with the design specifications of rail transit materials to develop high-performance silicone materials for sealing. It has been successfully applied in cabinet sealing, auxiliary transformer sealing, fan vibration and CI module sealing of traction system in high-speed railway, subway and urban rail trains, which has obtained good market feedback. We will provide more solutions for traction systems in the future.

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