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Since entering the 21st century, due to the shortage of energy caused by traditional fuel vehicles, environmental pollution and other issues have become more and more obstacles to the development of the automobile industry, the new energy vehicle emerged. Futureway provides the best solutions for many applications in the new energy vehicle industry, meeting the new energy vehicle safety specifications and industry standards. As a provider of power battery packs for hybrid and electric vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and advanced materials for autonomous driving, Futureway focuses on safety, reliability and innovation.
PACK Level

The battery pack serves as the power output system unit of the electric vehicle,there are many electronic components and energy storage units inside, any problem may cause safety problems. How to ensure the long-term safety of electric vehicles, battery pack sealing is particularly important. FUTUREWAY®silicone gaskets meet the IPX8 waterproof requirements after complex aging conditions, and the materials meet UL94 V0 flame retardant requirements. Whether it is a die-cut silicone foam sealing solution or an automated sealing of foamed silicone adhesive(Formed-In-Place Foaming Gasket),FUTUREWAY®gasket has been widely used in our customers, which fully verified its high sealing reliability. In addition, Futureway has developed advanced water-proof breathable membrane based on the technology of fluorine material ePTFE for many years to solve the problem of balance air pressure of pack.

Module Level

The battery module can be understood as an intermediate product between the battery and pack formed by combining lithium ion cells in series and parallel mode and installing single battery monitoring and management device. Its structure must support, fix and protect the cells. And it requires some ability to delay the spread of thermal runaway. Futureway can provide better solutions, such as silicone foam thermal pad, module thermal runaway protection sleeve and elastic support foam for the structural design of module heat conduction, thermal runaway protection, liquid cooling plate support, etc.

Cells Level

Lithium ion battery cell is a kind of high energy density cell, especially LFP and ternary cell have been widely used in EV industry, which has the advantages of zero pollution, zero emission, high energy density, small volume and long cycle life. In combination with the market development demand of longer life, safer and lower cost of EV cells, Futureway has developed a variety of silicone series products with high cost performance, which can provide optimal solutions for pouch cell expansion, delay the thermal runaway spread of the cell, prismatic/pouch cells buffer, cylindrical cell potting, etc.

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