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With the coming of the information era, big data plays an increasingly important role. Huge amounts of data involves various fields such as collection, transmission, storage and terminal utilization. Futureway has provided solutions on the key industrial chain of big data, and provided one of the key materials, including silicone, film and its derivatives, which provides innovative ideas for specific applications in specific links and brings strong help for the innovation and development of the industry.
Data Collection, Transmission, Storage and Terminal Utilization

As the big data involves a very large industrial chain, the application of innovative technologies and innovative materials is required at each key chain node. Utilizing technical research and development capabilities in the field of silicone, fluorine film and derivatives over the years, Futureway has successfully developed silicon series and fluorine series products applied in various fields of big data, such as various data acquisition sensors, high-speed and high-frequency signal transmission data lines, PCB high-frequency copper clad plate substrates and various handheld terminal display products, which are used for sensors, integrated circuits, data lines, semiconductors Storage hardware and other fields.Futureway has provided solutions to help the development of big data industry!

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