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  • R & D Engineer
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  • 2020-03-17

Job Responsibilities
1、Responsible for the development of fluoroplastic or silicone rubber polymer products;
2、Responsible for market technical support of related products;
3、Responsible for the management and coordination of R & D projects.

Job Requirements
1、Bachelor degree or above, major in polymer materials and chemistry is preferred;
2、More than one year working experience;
3、Experience in film and rubber products is preferred;
4、Ability to independently undertake R & D projects and teamwork spirit;
5、Proficiency in reading English literature

* Resume can be directly sent to the E-mail: nf.jiang@szfutureway.com

Wealth Guarantee

Social Insurance

We pay endowment insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance for employees, and provides them with secure social security.

Housing Fund

To help employees reduce housing pressure, we pay a corresponding proportion of housing provident funds for employees.

Equity Incentive

Give a certain proportion of equity rewards to excellent employees, and share out the dividends

Healthy Life

Paid Leave

In addition to statutory holidays, we also provides paid leave and paid sick leave for each employee.

Team Building

We provide employees with a wealth of activity funds to promote a positive, harmonious and relaxed overall atmosphere.

Health Management

We organizes physical examination for employees every year and provides health information.

Holiday Benefits

We prepares holiday gifts and rich holiday activities for each employee.

Employment Philosophy

People-oriented, proud of struggle, encourage learning,
focus on the field, unite and cooperate.

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